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When tragedy strikes, how will you take care of your valuable items? Fire can badly damage furniture, photos, and family heirlooms, and the water used to douse the flames isn’t any better. So when you’re left to pick up the pieces, how can you recover?

Steamatic of North Indianapolis can help business owners and homeowners in Fishers, IN, return their belongings to their former condition. We specialize in art restoration and document recovery, ensuring that even after a fire or other crisis, you don’t lose what matters most.


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Steamatic of North Indianapolis can provide complete art and fine collectibles restoration through The Conservation Center. Services available through our partnership with TCC include:

    • Paintings Conservation: Conservation of works of art on paper, canvas, photography, textiles, and murals.
    • Furniture and Decorative Objects Conservation: Includes rare books, sculptures, frames, gilded objects, antiques, and fine furniture.
    • Transportation and installation services
    • Disaster response services
    • On-site assessments by TCC personnel

How Does Steamatic of North Indianapolis Perform Document Recovery Services in Fishers, IN?

Books, valuable papers, and other important documents are not usually a total loss following fire or water damage. Steamatic of North Indianapolis is a leader in critical document recovery services and provides true vacuum freeze-drying, fumigation, deodorization, and reproduction services. Our regionally located freeze-dry chambers can restore and preserve everything from medical records to historical documents and bound volumes.

Why Restore Instead of Replace?

In many cases, insurance will cover the cost of replacement, but that doesn’t always mean you get the total value of what you lost. After all, you can’t put a price on items with rich history or deep sentimental value. If the item is merely damaged, there’s still a chance you can save it with the proper treatment.

Recover Invaluable Items

There’s no replacing an ancestor’s birth certificate or one-of-a-kind oil painting. Document recovery and art restoration are the only avenues to reclaim invaluable items that money can’t buy. 

Save Money

In some cases, you can purchase new items, but they’re expensive. For example, if you have commissioned art pieces, you may contact the artist for replacements, but the cost would be more than simply having the damaged art restored. In the case of legal documents, you may be able to request copies, but they may be difficult or expensive to obtain depending on their nature and age.

Preserve History

Some items aren’t just invaluable to you but to future generations. Furniture, books, and art with rich history contribute something unique to society, and if they’re allowed to decay, that knowledge is lost. In fact, some professional conservationists feel so strongly about preserving history that it’s the reason they entered the field.

Why Hire a Professional?

If you have some experience with DIY, you may be tempted to restore items yourself. However, papers, oil paintings, and upholstered furniture can be delicate after fire or water damage, especially if they’re old. Proper restoration requires special training and tools to ensure further harm isn’t done to valuables.

Prevent Further Damage

Restoration professionals are trained to avoid causing damage. When an item is old or fragile, it’s easy to accidentally destroy it when attempting a repair. Conservation experts know special techniques to remove dirt without breaking down pigment and replace destroyed sections without compromising the original material. They also have special cleaning agents designed to treat the most delicate work, as even the gentlest of household cleaners are too harsh for this process.

Get High-Quality Results

The experts we partner with underwent years of education and fellowship to hone their skills as restorationists. They approach every job with care, attention to detail, and dedication to their craft. The results are beautifully restored items that will last for years.

Why Choose Steamatic of North Indianapolis?

We understand how vital document recovery and art restoration can be for owners from a monetary, legal, and sentimental standpoint. That’s why we partner with trusted experts to ensure all your valuables are treated with the utmost care and restored to the fullest extent. Additionally, we take steps to make sure your experience is as convenient and reassuring as possible.

Fully Insured

To ensure there’s no risk to you, Steamatic of North Indianapolis is fully insured. That means your items are completely protected while in our care.

Extensive Experience

Steamatic of North Indianapolis has been in this industry for decades, which means we’ve seen it all. No matter your circumstances, we have the experience to help you recover.

Amazing Customer Service

We understand that often, people who hire us are under an immense amount of stress and even grief. With that in mind, we treat each customer with respect and compassion. We keep you informed during the restoration process and are happy to answer any of your questions.

Secure Storage

When your valuables are in our hands, you know they’re in the best of care. Items are securely stored and expertly packed to prevent any damage en route to our facilities. We take your trust seriously, which is why we go the extra mile to keep your family heirlooms and irreplaceable documents safe.

Quick Response

Time is of the essence when trying to restore valuables, which is why we offer 24/7 support. If you’re in Fishers, IN, we can respond to an emergency no matter the time of day. We understand that documents such as medical histories and identification papers may be needed within the next few days, so we do our best to work quickly.

How Can You Contract Our Services?

Instead of searching “oil painting restoration near me,” why not contact the premier restoration company in Fishers, IN? Steamatic of North Indianapolis has served our community for over 70 years, and we’re proud to keep delivering the best service far into the future. After a fire, you need a restoration company you can rely on, and we’re dedicated to filling that role. 

For more on what we can provide to request our services, contact us today to schedule a service or call (317) 849-7500.


When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

Request Emergency Response Now for Art & Document Damage.


Raymond Yeary
Raymond Yeary
September 26, 2021
Marc was very professional and extremely helpful! Service is amazing and my carpets have never smelled better. Marc also answers the phone when you call and handles what you need quickly! Would recommend to anyone who needs carpet cleaning.
Autumn Hopper
Autumn Hopper
April 15, 2021
My carpet looks great! Mark was professional and got my carpet cleaned in only 15 minutes!
Christopher Frazier
Christopher Frazier
March 4, 2021
Steamatic does a great job for a fair price. They are punctual and thorough too.
Jennifer Struwing
Jennifer Struwing
January 23, 2021
They did a wonderful job! They were efficient, professional, kind, and were flexible to make an appointment work with the schedule I have. I would highly recommend them and will be using their services again in the future!
Nina Schriber
Nina Schriber
December 16, 2020
Such amazing service!!!!!! We called and they came the next day. I am beyond thrilled with how their work turned out!!!!!! They did the carpets and area rug.
Andy Dovin
Andy Dovin
October 22, 2020
I can’t say enough about the quality of work and the overall professionalism of this organization. Would recommend them to all my friends and certainly will be using them in the future
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