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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in North Indianapolis

As hardwood becomes an increasingly popular choice for floor covering, we have developed solutions to clean and maintain hardwoods, keeping them looking like new, longer.

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous accent to any home. With the right care, they can last for generations. However, floors take quite a beating with everyday traffic. Over time, the harsh effects of dirt can wear the surface. Cleaning hardwoods also requires special care to prevent damage to the wood. Luckily, you don’t have to risk damage to your floors in the North Indy area when you have Steamatic of North Indianapolis there to assist.


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We have developed a solution specifically for hardwood floors that gently and thoroughly cleans the wood without inflicting damage. Our floor cleaning service in Indianapolis removes abrasives that risk the life of your hardwood floors. When your floors are maintained correctly, it can preserve the wood, keeping it beautiful for years to come.

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Fishers, IN

Most modern homes feature multiple flooring materials such as marble and ceramic tile. Just like carpet, tile and grout can show embedded dirt and traffic patterns that require professional cleaning to remove.

Have you ever walked into a perfectly lovely place only to recoil in horror at the nasty grout around the tile? Did it make you doubt the cleanliness of everything in the building? The reality is that the effort to clean your tiles by wiping or mopping with water and detergent only makes it worse, as the grout absorbs both. Think of how dirty your mop water gets and imagine the grout soaking up that dirty water.

Don’t let stained or mildewy grout make you look bad. Save yourself the time and frustration of wasted effort. When nothing seems to work, that’s when you need the talented team at Steamatic of North Indianapolis. They not only clean and sanitize those grimy tiles and grout lines, but they can also seal them to repel dirt and grime from collecting.

Shower & Counter Top Cleaning in Fishers, IN

Shower and countertop surfaces are among the most used in every household, which means any number of stains and bacteria may build up over time. Professional cleaning can mitigate harmful build-up.

Bathrooms can be challenging to keep clean. With the constant humidity in bathrooms, mildew can find a comfortable home easily. Hard water deposits can build up on glass and tile. Joints between tiles can accumulate dust, dirt, cosmetics, mold, mildew, and contaminants from rags or mops. Water can also be very damaging for some natural stone commonly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops if it is not sealed correctly. With our cleaning and sealing services, your bathroom will be as clean as it is beautiful.

It might surprise you to know how much dirt and grime collects on the surfaces around your home. Cooking, smoking, humidity, pets, and dirty air ducts can all do a number on your home, leaving unwelcome residue everywhere. If you are planning to freshen up your home for a new season, or if you are preparing for painting and refinishing, you need Steamatic of North Indianapolis and our hard surface cleaning service. We’ll make sure the hard surfaces throughout the structure are sparkling clean and ready for new paint or finish.

North Indianapolis Ceilings and Walls

If you’ve ever walked into an older building that hasn’t been updated, did you notice how dark everything seemed? Any building that was open more than 25 years ago probably allowed smoking. You can always tell by the lingering smell and yellowish tint to light surfaces from the nicotine in cigarette smoke. Walls and ceilings accumulate particulates in the air over time, causing them to discolor.

Dark trails coming from vents are a tell-tale sign that the HVAC and ventilation system wasn’t maintained frequently. Debris that collected in the ducts has been blown into the room and onto the ceilings. Proper cleaning will not only improve the air quality but also lighten up the look of the rooms. Your building may be vintage, but it doesn’t have to look that way when you use our commercial cleaning services.

Why Choose the Steamatic of North Indianapolis

For over half a century, Steamatic has been the trusted name you turn to for restoration and cleaning services. Steamatic of North Indianapolis has remained committed to providing prompt, quality service for our friends and neighbors in North Indy and surrounding areas, and our loyal customers prove that we are on the right track. For more on what we can provide, contact us today to schedule a service.

The Steamatic Difference

Not Just Clean—Sealed: Grout, in particular, can retain residues and is susceptible to permanent staining. Steamatic of North Indianapolis‘s technicians cannot only clean grout but seal it from staining, allowing for superior cleanings in the future.

For Every Surface in Your Home: Steamatic of North Indianapolis offers proprietary, state-of-the-art equipment and surface-appropriate cleaning products for ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, stone, marble, granite, walls, and all types of grout.

Experience Counts: For over 50 years, we’ve seen and cleaned nearly every surface in a home. Not sure what to use on a particular surface?


When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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