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6 Helpful Tips for Allergy and Flu Season

It’s almost spring here in Indiana which means it’s time to make sure you prepare for allergy and flu season. Getting sick with the flu or constantly feeling slowed down by allergy symptoms is not only inconvenient due to lost work or school time, but it can also result in expensive medical care. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep you and your family healthy and happy during allergy and flu season.

As professional cleaning experts in Fishers, IN, our North Indianapolis team understands how essential cleanliness is for staying healthy during the spring season. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective tips and healthy habits to help you and your loved ones stay safe and well this allergy and flu season.

1. Identifying the Source

Allergens, contaminants, and pathogens are not only found in public places, but they are also in your homes. It’s therefore essential to keep your fabrics clean and your home disinfected. Contaminants and allergens hide in everyday surfaces such as carpets, pillows, and upholstery. Targeting high-traffic areas with a disinfectant will help prevent the spread of cold and flu.

Much like clothing, it is easy for germs, dirt, grime, and bacteria to easily build up in your upholstery. A lack of routine upholstery cleaning in Fishers, IN, can lead to an accumulation of contaminants that are harmful to your family’s health. The germs are released into the atmosphere when you sit on the couch, making it easy to inhale the contaminants.

With professional upholstery cleaning from Steamatic of North Indianapolis, you will enjoy a clean, healthy living space without worrying about experiencing allergic reactions, flu symptoms, or respiratory infections.

2. Reduce, Remove, Relieve

Carpets, furniture, and air ducts are the main culprits of holding and hiding bacteria, dirt, and contaminants in your home. From kids and pets playing, to high foot traffic and food spills, and carpets and air ducts hiding microbes that could be harmful to your family’s health.

So how do you ensure you keep your family protected from the flu viruses? By having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned and disinfected. Our steam cleaning experts in North Indianapolis will remove bacteria and allergens from your home carpets and rugs. By leaving the surfaces dry, you’ll also be cutting down on other germs that can cause flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, and body aches.

With the flu virus capable of living on a surface for almost 24 hours, it’s essential to have your household surfaces thoroughly cleaned and adequately disinfected during the cold and flu season to prevent autoimmune diseases. 

At Steamatic of North Indianapolis, we can help clean and disinfect several areas of your home.

3. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and furnaces release particulates in the air, which combine with dust to form a potentially harmful mix of microbes that cause bacterial infections. While you may know how important it is to clean your home, neglecting the HVAC system can put your family’s immune systems at risk.

Steamatic of North Indianapolis provides professional HVAC and air duct cleaning to ensure your home is clean and free from allergens and contaminants. Our technicians use the latest cleaning methods and equipment to ensure you get the best air quality possible.

4. Get Your Furniture and Upholstery Cleaned

Like most homeowners in Fishers, IN, the first thing you might consider cleaning when spring or fall comes around is your carpet, but have you ever considered the importance of having your furniture and upholstery professionally cleaned?

Kids’ spills, pet dander, and other messes can leave your furniture looking dirty and perfect grounds for germs and bacteria. Our trained technicians can delicately clean any fabric using non-toxic cleaning agents. These agents are powerful but gentle on fabrics. Our team can tackle fresh stains and stubborn dirt that may have been left behind from previous stains and spills, leaving your furniture and upholstery fresh.

5. Get Your Hard Surfaces Cleaned

As more homeowners opt for hard surface floor covering, the need for thorough hard surface cleaning has become even more critical. However, professionals have found it quite challenging to clean the deep set-in dirt from hardwood and other hard flooring materials like tile.

Our team of technicians at Steamatic of North Indianapolis provides professional hard surface cleaning services that will restore your floors to their original luster and remove the contaminants that could potentially lead to harmful respiratory issues.

6. Get Your Carpets Cleaned

With contaminants, allergens, and bacteria lurking in your carpets and rugs, it’s vital to have them professionally cleaned to remove all the grimy little things your regular vacuum can’t tackle. At Steamatic of North Indianapolis, our deep steam cleaning will remove all those dastardly germs and restore your carpet to a luxurious look. We also offer other services such as upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and HVAC cleaning to curb the spread of germs. Contact us today and schedule your carpet cleaning service today.


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