how to keep your home clear of allergens

5 Steps to Keep Your Home Clear of Allergens

Protect your family from allergens with these steps. It’s estimated that eight out of 10 Americans are exposed to dust mites. Whether someone in your household has asthma and allergies, or you simply want to enjoy improved indoor air quality, find out how washing items, using dust mite covers and scheduling professional duct cleaning can help.

1. Use Dust Mite Covers

Start your allergen-clearing routine with some preventative measures. A commonplace for dust mites to hide is in mattresses and pillows that can’t be washed in hot water. Invest in covers that are specifically designed to repel these intruders to prevent them in your bedroom. Because of the amount of time you spend in your bedroom, allergen and dust-mite removal in this room is a crucial part of air quality improvement.

2. Wash Items in Hot Water

Some garments need to be washed on a delicate cycle with warm or cold water. For the rest of your laundry, use water heated to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help prevent the spread of allergens throughout your home. Wash bedding, clothing, and any curtains or other materials that can safely be washed in the washing machine.

3. Surface Clean Other Common Sources of Allergens

Many items in your home can harbor allergens and dust mites, so be sure to create a thorough cleaning routine. Here are just a few common items to clean in your home:

  • Curtains
  • Windows
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Air filters
  • Plants
  • Appliances

Setting up a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning routine of these items can limit the amount of dust, dander, and mold found throughout your home. A HEPA filter for your furnace can capture some allergens, but it’s important to clean them on these surfaces around your home to further improve your indoor air quality.

Some areas, like carpet flooring, are difficult to clean thoroughly. Ask your local Steamatic team in North Indianapolis about scheduling professional carpet cleaning. Scheduling this service once a year or more often can offer the deep clean you need to sanitize your carpet and remove allergens.

4. Control the Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality

These three aspects of your home can dramatically encourage or discourage mold growth and dust mites in your home. A hot, humid home full of small particles can cause mold to grow on a wide range of surfaces, which can be difficult to remove without professional cleaning services.

Set your thermostat between 58 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels under 50%. For air quality, invest in a HEPA air filter for your central heating system and any room air conditioners. Wipe down fans to limit the amount of dust and allergens spread throughout your home.

5. Schedule Mold Remediation

Mold spores seriously affect your indoor air quality. From small spots on your bathroom ceiling to large-scale mold growth in your basement or a flooded room, it’s essential to work with professionals for prompt and thorough mold remediation. While not all mold emits poisonous spores like harmful black mold, most types of mold negatively affect your air quality. Surface cleaning often isn’t enough to remove spores, so work with your local Steamatic team to address surface and air quality issues.

Work with Steamatic of North Indianapolis

Routine cleaning and other steps can help limit the number of allergens in your home, but for thorough cleaning services, it’s important to work with professionals. Your local Steamatic of North Indianapolis team has the experience and professional cleaning tools necessary to dramatically improve your indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service. Breathe easily with a clean home and fresh air at any time of the year.



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