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What To Do If Your House Starts Flooding

Few things can spark panic, like seeing rising water in or near your home. However, you can do things to keep you, your family, and your home as safe as possible. Having advance warning gives you more time, so listen to weather reports of current conditions at the Indianapolis International Airport and all over Marion County, to keep apprised of the latest developments for potential Indianapolis flooding.

Planning for Severe Weather and Flash Flooding

Hurricanes can and do cause damage in North Indy, as residents who remember Hurricane Ike in 2008 can attest. While it may not happen every time, if there is even a chance of a hurricane coming toward you, follow the experts’ advice. If you are dependent on IndyGo buses, check to be sure they are still running and plan your route to get to a safe place if you can’t stay in your home.

Tropical storms can drop a tremendous amount of water in a very short time. If your area is prone to flooding in Indianapolis, is near one of the bodies of water bodies in the Upper White River Watershed or sits in a low-lying area, plan with these steps to minimize damage:

  • Put on rubber boots or rubber-soled shoes.
  • Unplug electrical items and turn off electricity if you can do so safely.
  • Move furniture and personal items to the highest spot in your home.
  • Put sandbags around entry points to slow or divert the water. 
  • Have a battery-operated weather radio close.
  • Keep doors closed, as rising waters may prompt wild animals, rodents, and snakes to look for a sanctuary.
  • Before waters start to rise, look for attic access to the roof in single-story homes. Take tools with you to create an opening in case you have to escape.

If your home does take on floodwaters and you get water damage in walls mold, Steamatic of North Indianapolis is standing by for you 24/7. Our experienced team of emergency response technicians will be there as soon as possible with water damage and dehumidification services. We can also take care of the secondary damage from excess moisture with our mold remediation services. 

Steps To Take for Plumbing Disasters

It’s not only Mother Nature that can pose a threat of flooding in your house. Sometimes pipes can freeze during an Indiana winter. When that happens, the water has to go somewhere, and usually, that is the inside of the house. Another culprit is a faulty water heater. Fifty gallons of a traditional high-volume tank can do significant damage to your walls, furniture, and flooring. Mold in carpet from water damage is a possibility when floor coverings have been subjected to flooding. Some steps to take if this happens includes:

  • Turn off the water at the main source.
  • If you can get to the fuse box without stepping in water, shut off the electricity.
  • Get furniture and other items as high above the water level as possible to minimize damage. 
  • Hang up rugs, towels, clothes and other textiles where they can drain.
  • If sewage is involved and is widespread, you may need to evacuate for health reasons.
  • Call Steamatic of North Indianapolis at (317) 593-9660.

Steamatic of North Indianapolis Is Here for You 24/7

When you have been a victim of severe weather or plumbing problems, you need professional water damage, mold remediation, and dehumidification services. Steamatic of North Indianapolis is here for you no matter when it happens. For more information on our services, contact us today.



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