recovering after a disaster in indianapolis

How to Recover After a Disaster in Indianapolis

Life in Indianapolis is good. We have amazing state parks, the canal walk, the people, our sports teams, Victory Field, and St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. However, disasters can happen anywhere, even here. Hoosiers are tough and resilient, but we are still at risk of accidents and natural disasters. Since 2008, Indiana has had nine federal disaster declarations. Fires, flooding, severe storms, tornados, and record-setting cold are all events that can turn your life upside down with no warning. 

Recovering From Flood Damage

Flooding can come in a variety of ways like broken pipes, that missing stuffed animal that ends up being the cause of an overflowing toilet, malfunctioning appliances, and rising floodwater. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that the whole state of Indiana has a 50% increased chance for some flooding, with areas near the Ohio River at over 50% risk of moderate flooding during the spring. 

You may be wondering what you do about your soggy belongings after a flood. Luckily for you, Steamatic of North Indianapolis has the equipment, experience, and training to not only recover items you may have never believed could be saved but also remove remaining humidity and eradicate mold so that your home can be restored to its former glory. Post-flooding services include:

Recovering From Fire Damage

Another disaster that no one is immune to is fire. It can come out of nowhere and do catastrophic damage in an instant. Cooking accidents, wind gusts on a brush fire, electrical malfunction, an unattended or forgotten candle, or popping logs in a fireplace can all be catalysts for a house fire. It isn’t only the fire that causes destruction. Ash, smoke, and soot are corrosive elements and can get into almost anything near or downwind of a fire. 

In the aftermath of a fire, everything can look like a total loss to the untrained eye. It takes training, attention to detail, and a deep level of expertise to recover items from the ashes and save them. At Steamatic of North Indianapolis, we have a team of professionals that won’t stop until they’ve examined, cataloged, and transported your personal belongings to the intake facility where they can be cleaned and restored.

 Some of the post-fire services that can save your items and restore air quality in your home include:

Recovering From Severe Weather Damage

With changing temperatures comes an increased risk for severe weather. A tornado in Indianapolis is not uncommon, nor are severe storms with damaging winds and large hail. Tornadoes can have winds ranging from 65 to 200 miles per hour. Even thunderstorms with high winds can be enough to take a roof off your house, topple trees, and propel tree limbs, lawn furniture, toys, and more through windows. Once your home’s protective barrier is breached, damage can be catastrophic. 

Damage from severe weather can come in many forms. You have the damage from broken windows and roof damage that can let in the rain, causing flooding. Broken walls can expose electrical wires, causing fires. High-speed winds can damage textiles like draperies, bedding, and more while sending dirt, debris, mud, and more into your home. Luckily, you have a trusted local neighbor to call on when disaster strikes, with services including:

Experienced Help When You Need It the Most

Since 1948, Steamatic has been synonymous with cleaning and restoration. At Steamatic of North Indianapolis, we are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the North Indy area as one of the most trusted restoration companies in Indianapolis. When you need us for restoration in Indianapolis, we’ll be there for you with our 24×7 emergency response team. Contact us today for more information.

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